Segmented brodmann area(22,44,45) ROI

In fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging ) studies, BA ROIs are important to cross-check activation area in brain.

BA rois can be downloaded from marsbar website (

=> But there is one problem with the ROI’s that’s offered. For example consider BA 44,45 (broca region) roi.


Fig1: BA 44&45

=> The roi is for both right and left lobe. But if BA roi can be splitted into left and right roi, it would be more useful for studying lateralization aspects of brain.

=> This problem can be solved by creating box roi with dimensions that overlap BA 44&45.

=> Split standard BA roi’s can be created using “AND” function of marsbar

More about reforming ROI can be learned at

=> Net splitted BA rois into BA_44&45_L and  BA_44&45_R

=> Likewise splitted BA rios of BA_22_L and BA_22_R can also be done


Download (BA_44&45_L, BA_44&45_R,BA_22_L,BA_22_R) :



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