Pdf_Merge in Python

Merging pdf can be done easily online, but online websites have a total file size limit of 25MB. That might undermine our needs.

IN python pdf merging can be done much much easier,

All one needs is

  • Python
  • PyPDF2 library

Step 1) Save the following code as .py file


Step 2)

Copy all the pdfs to merged in C:\folder (in case you want to run .py file)

Copy in any folder and change directory in .py code


Step 3) Run the .py file in either python or Anaconda Prompt


Step 4) With a fraction of seconds you should see the code run, and message that “pdfs are merged”. The new merged pdf file will be saved at the same directory.






Mtech in Clinical Eng Jointly offered by Indian institute of technology Madras& Christian medical college Vellore& Sree chitra tirunal institute for medical sciences and technology Trivandrum.
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